We eliminate the toil in searching for opportunities and allow our participants to lock in on the work.

Wrkz, Inc is a mentorship program that serves young adults ages 17 to 30 years old in the inner cities of Los Angeles. Our growing community of mentors, working professionals, and business entities have committed to bridging the gap of opportunity for our participants.

We nurture genuine relationships by being intentional with how we engage with our young adults. Staff, mentors, and mentees sync up once a month to get to know each other. This creates a safe space for us to listen and sift through the interest, skills, and experience of our participants. In conjunction with staff, mentors and mentees work together to create objectives designed to step each mentee through the process of bringing their ideas and careers to life.

We help our participants process their traumatic experiences of living in the trenches of LA. We host activities like focus groups for staff and participants to dialogue using guided questions. We aid in unpacking the challenges of life and pursuing a career. Our focus groups cultivate a space for everyone to feel safe and vulnerable in sharing their experiences.

Building with you

Our Services

We nurture genuine relationships by being intentional about getting to know our participants.
Mental Health Support
We help our participants process and navigate the trauma of living and pursuing a career in Los Angeles.
Career Development
We plan career objectives and connect our participants to opportunities that offer education, exposure and experience in their desired career path.
Your financial support will allow us to continue to impact the lives and career outcomes of young adults across LA's inner cities.