Meet our team

Your North Stars!

Michael Hopson
Director of Career Development

Helping staff tech and creatives roles for the past 5 years. I Iook forward to connecting our members to innovative, engaging and unique companies here in LA. I have also seen a disconnect amongst entry-level students of color adjust to professional opportunities. I feel obligated to provide perspective and the proper guidance in navigating the professional space for our members.

Eric Meniefield
CEO - Director of Mentorship

I am fueled by the lack of accountability and structure in our inner-cities. Growing up without a sense of guidance but somehow making it through college frustrated me. At the end of it all, I had no defined career path. What is that all about?

Sara Santana MSW, ACSW
Director of Mental Health

Growing up I've always searched for a mentor to help guide me on my professional journey. It's a confusing world out there and we often doubt ourselves and miss opportunities. I want to help young people find a guiding adult to help them build the confidence they need to make it in today's labor force.

Mitchel Rubio

There are many who are less fortunate than others and I believe that showing an individual the different routes they can take makes a big impact on their life. I fully support this project and hope that I can even the playing field by giving at-risk youths an opportunity to grow.

Natalie Dunbar
Advisor - Content Strategist

Jessica Lord

Gwen Davis
Secretary - CFO

John Ryan
Editor - Advisor

Tiffany Cao
Student Research - Medicine

London Brookins
Student Research - Nursing

Semaj Harbin
Mentee - Visual Artist

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